Welcome to CardboardboxBJJ. My name is Kent Peters and this page is an easy-to-access directory to my many instructional videos, as well as a blog detailing how I started, and currently run, my own martial arts club.

I started ZombieProofBJJ as a white belt in BJJ on cardboard boxes turned into a BJJ mat space in my father’s garage. I had books, magazines, VHS and DVDs that I broke down and taught to a small, constantly-changing group of friends.

Yes, learning BJJ is better done at a club under a legit instructor, but where I’m from (Scenic Cape Breton Island on the East Coast of Canada) we had zero Brazilian jiu-jitsu for five-plus hours in any direction — we were stuck. I joined a judo club and learned from an amazing instructor who shaped the way I teach my students and run classes, as well as gave me an amazing base in martial arts (I’m currently a judo black belt under Brian Degaust).

We watched the techniques and drilled and rolled just like we had the instructor there with us in person. I always encouraged my students to ask questions: ask why, make me find out, make me evolve. There was never a time I kept my process a secret; this is what I’m doing and I’d love to have you learn with us. My ability to understand BJJ and fill in the blanks helped a ton but it was a very long road without an instructor to curb me of bad habits (I learned flying subs before I learned mount escapes!)

I went to Fort McMurray to work (at the time I was a green belt in judo) and trained under Mike King (a Gracie Barra purple). After three weeks he gave me three stripes on my white belt.

Then, after three months, he gave me a blue belt. That was all the instruction I had in my BJJ journey besides seminars and one month in Calgary under Josh Russell so I’m a self-taught brown belt.

When I moved home from Alberta (the night Mike gave me my blue) I knew I needed a team closer to home. I contacted Scott MacLean who was five hours away and talked about affiliating with Fit Plus Martial Arts. While with Scott, I received my purple belt from Robson Moura and my brown from Wendell Alexander.

I run a successful martial arts club that has produced many blues and purple belts, amateur and pro MMA Champions, International BJJ Gold Medalists and am still learning daily.

Self-taught is possible — I can help you 👌🏻