Do you hate being pinned in bottom side?

Do you hate being pinned in bottom side? Let me help 🤙🏻

Have you ever just given up mentally when in a bad position?

“That’s it I quit”.

Early on in grappling this is much more common but it stays a factor no matter your level. At the end of the day it’s much more fun to drill attacks then it is to drill escapes so not many people are asking to be tossed on bottom side for long periods of class time.

I started with judo and I learned to hate the side mount and scarf hold pins, stick an experienced judo competitor on top and you are there for the long haul. Being on bottom side became my nightmare, once I was caught I could feel myself just want to give up (Mount didn’t effect me the same way, likely because it was my main pin so I understood the basics. In contrast I felt like I couldn’t hold sidemount and just recently fell in love with it at purple belt)

What happened to me because of my curiosity and what I considered poor top side game? I started looking up any and all submissions that could be done from the bottom and worked it into a system “Aggressive Bottom Side”.

At first it consisted of a single reverse triangle with 2 entries (they pin me with their arm between my legs (almost cradled) or I push their arm in) then came the cheese grater and americana, then the shin in armbar, then I started playing ZPFighter Guard from shin in.

I don’t mind being on bottom side anymore, as a brown belt with slicers legal (IBJJF) it adds another sneaky way to make the top pay.

If the only thing you learn from these videos that I’ll include is how important clearing the crossface with the cheese grater is you’ll still be ahead of the game, that cheese grater motion is something I use in tons of different positions. Pay close attention to how instead of a grab and pull I over reach and drag, using my body and friction is much more powerful than a grip and a pull.

Kent Peters
YouTuber / InstaNinja / Amateur Juggler