What did I learn from rolling with 2017 IBJJF Brazilian National Champion, IBJJF Pan-American Champion, IBJJF European Open Champion, IBJJF World Champion Wagnney Fabiano?

I learned that if a world champion doesn’t want me to play my game I don’t get to play my game.

I recently took a private lesson with Wagnney and I asked to just roll for the entire hour, he agreed. I enjoy guillotines and heel hooks in nogi and I wasn’t even close to catching either, was that luck? Not even a little bit …

For starters I couldn’t get under him at all and he accomplished that by playing a insanely strong underhook game, his top pressure always included an underhook (except his knee on belly but it was unlike anything I’ve ever felt, punishment for something I must have done) with his underhook I was glued in place and couldn’t get to his hips let alone get under them.

As for guillotines I got a hold of his neck once during a shot and he did exactly what was needed, passed to the opposite side to avoid my finish attempts, I went for my Iron Mask* guillotine recounter and his base was so strong he wasn’t moveable.

After that one guillotine “attempt” he never let me near his neck again (told me later he felt a good bite so he knew better than to let me play there, to me this was valuable information (and a smile inducing compliment), he felt the bite once and just completely played around my A technique) which leads me into his guard passing.

He went to my right side for what felt like 3 seconds and he decided to try my left side which he passed easily, I present my right side and try to bottle neck the passing but with only 3 seconds of pressure he knew what side was my best and just “went the other way” such a basic concept but wow, in 3 seconds he made a decision that destroyed my game.

My weak guard side was no match for a world champion.

So what about standup?

I have good wrestling and I’m a judo black belt and I couldn’t make my game work, maybe it was rust from lack of competitive judo but I doubt it, he played his game and kept me one step behind. I spent the better half of an hour under knee on belly or turtled trying to defend the savage onslaught. I took it as a massive compliment he didn’t want to “see what my game was like” and “let me work” …

I learned that I need to work my weak guard side, work my pressure underhook game to shut down leg lockers, lead in the standing game, and that my cardio is better than its ever been at 34 years of age. We did seven 7 minute rounds with 1 minute breaks and I got killed the entire time (at one point I had my sneaky bottom KOB toe hold “close” and I didn’t get slicered which was nice, even though I couldn’t make it offensive) …

This was the best private lesson I’ve ever taken, all I asked for was straight rolling and tips on how to improve, go take a private with your instructor and do this right away -> you will thank me 🤙🏻

Kent Peters
Coach, Humbled Jiu-Jitsu Player, Noodle Fan
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