How to make your own cardboard box BJJ gym quick and cheap?

So, you currently have nowhere to train, can’t afford to train, or just want to practice at home for a low cost? I was having the first issue with bits of the second one as well, Cape Breton didn’t have a BJJ club and I didn’t have enough money to even go to Walmart and get those cheap puzzle mats for a home gym.

My solution was simple -> Duct tape & Cardboard!!!

I started ZombieProof BJJ on cardboard mats in my Dad’s garage, I made a short video on how I made the mats which I will be uploading and linking as well as a breakdown of how it is done easily and for the low cost of a few rolls of duct tape.

I used these mats for quite a while and the only cleaning I did back then was sweeping and changing the top layer when it got dingy but that was before I even knew was staph and ringworm were and luckily enough no one got anything back then which is awesome.

This is all you need to do to start your own cardboard box BJJ club:

Step 1: Go to a local hardware or furniture store and ask them for some cardboard boxes and pick up a few rolls of duct tape, have a box cutter knife and pliers on hand as well.

Step 2: Open all of the boxes at the seams and be sure you peel off any tape that is sticky side exposed and pull out any staples.

Step 3: Lay them out in the size of mat you can accommodate in the space you have (inside down) and duct tape all of the seams so it is one flat surface.

Step 4: Cut the mat into four equal quarters, flip each one and tape all of the seams on the other side.

Step 5: Put the four quarters about finger distance apart and tape them so they are spaced so the mat can be folded up to be stored (This was a problem and solution I ran into early on)

Step 6: Repeat this as many times as you need to achieve the desired thickness of your at home mat surface … You can now rep and roll for the cost of a few rolls of duct tape.

This isn’t a forever solution and you will likely have a hard time selling memberships to people when they walk into your garage and see your setup but it is how my grappling career started, as we all improved I eventually bought some tatami and moved up in the world.

Some of my best memories and breakthroughs happened on that cardboard and if it wasn’t for the hours put in there I wouldn’t be running a successful club today.

Thanks, Dad.

Kent Peters
Zombie Fighter / Hacky Sack Player / Pizza Fan